IMPACT Speed Park encourages team building activities

Team building activities have become highly prominent for companies across the world. Successful business leaders in today’s business environment realize the importance of good teamwork and incredible results that team buildings can yield, and they can come from many different forms. In general, team building events are fun, challenging, and useful for nurturing better teamwork, making everyone feel unified, and promoting team efficiency and engagement.

While there are hundred types of team building exercises, a go-kart racing event offers invaluable benefits to a company in terms of improving communication, productivity, as well as motivation, building trust, and helping break down all the company walls. It also differs from other kinds of team building events as employees have to get together to complete a race with the best lap time individually or as a team.

A go kart event can take the team to the next degree of excitement! It gives employees an equal opportunity to beat the boss with the best lap record, and it will be even more fun for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that one can brag about all day and all year round!   

Go-karting is not a new bandwagon, but in fact, it has gained popularity for quite some time now. Many companies are incorporating this weary event into their team building plans with the focus on building rapport between individuals and colleagues, understanding peers’ strengths and weaknesses, promoting personal problem-solving skills, and orientating oneself into team to accomplish targeted goals.

Not only have go-karting events been proven effective for team building efforts, but they also let you know your physical fitness level, as you will be participating in an 8-minute session on a racetrack with its layout’s changing every month to increase difficulties and challenges. You will need to stay focused while racing and use your energy to control the steering wheel along with the weight of a kart, which is a little over 380 kilograms, so endurance is key.  

IMPACT Speed Park welcomes team leaders and corporate events who want to create impactful results for their team and bring the A game to the workplace. You can capitalize on the latest technology of the karting industry and its safety features that come equipped. Our karts are electric and eco-friendly but powerful enough to give a karter a thrill. So why conduct a team building conventionally while you can do something more exhilarating?