IMPACT optimizes CSR policies

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., is committed to embracing the social responsibilities that we bear, the part that we play, and the value that we deliver to our customers to illustrate our commitments towards the community along with the society in which we operate. Not only do we focus on our company’s achievements, but we also take social and environmental responsibilities seriously by putting them in our action plans and executing them effectively to create maximum benefits for both parties. Our daily operations are closely aligned to the core initiatives of social responsibility to form a better future that drives positive impact for all.

Our CSR policies focus on: 

We conduct our corporate and social responsibility ethically and transparently under “IMPACT Touching hearts, Sharing love” by “touching people’s life” and “connecting with the less fortunate” through our series of CSR programs including:

Considered as a strong backbone of our company’s culture “Partnership for Success,” every CSR activity greatly reflects the company’s commitments which lie in collaboration and support of management and employees, and we always seek ways to advance corporate social responsibility and to do what is best for all - the company, employees, and community.