IMPACT has become the destination for multi-purpose events supported by full amenities

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center houses more than 55 meeting rooms with various sizes of practical spaces that can cater to festive seasonal events, such as Jupiter, Venus, Amber, or Sapphire room with innovated meeting spaces outfitted with state-of-the-art sound system, lighting, projector, and contemporary furnishings.

IMPACT fits the bill for small or medium-sized events from as little as 30 to as many as 500 and more and is capable of accommodating of business meeting needs, taking any MICE event to the next advancement. Whether it’s for an intimate gathering, corporate function, business meeting, conference, awards ceremony, reception, or any MICE-related event, our integrated facilities coupled with impeccable hospitality and attentive staff will add an extra touch to your event.

IMPACT Catering is prominent in delivering first-class services by the team of professionals who can assist you in planning a quality event which will make a lasting impression on your guests under your budget. Delivering an outstanding array of delicious food and beverage selections specially prepared by highly skilled chefs.

Sitting on the same premises are a 380-room Novetel Bangkok IMPACT and a 587-room ibis Bangkok IMPACT to accommodate delegates, exhibitors, organizers and MICE travelers alike.

We have created a new business journey to support Thailand’s tourism sector by diversifying ourselves into a tourist attraction destination for local and international travelers such as IMPACT Speed Park and water bike.