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Tsubohachi welcomes spring season in Japan with special menu creations from sakura and avocado

Tsubohachi, home of traditional Japanese cuisine offers a special menu for spring season in Japan with 13 menu creations from sakura and avocado, ranging from appetizers, to main dishes and Japanese-style desserts. Recommended menu items include Avocado Salmon Roll, a healthy pick for healthy people to enjoy the benefit of avocado and quality salmon imported from Japanม and All Star Roll, special sushi served in 4 different kinds in a staircase. Dessert menus feature Shiratama Hanami Dango, a mild taste of red bean paste with special sakura dango and Sakura Crystal Pudding. These special creations are only available during May-June 2018 at all branches of Tsubohachi. For reservation, please call 064-184-7109. For more information please visit website www.tsubohachi-tha.com, Facebook Tsubohachi Thailand and Instagram Tsubohachi Thailand.

Hong Kong Fisherman introduces Hong Kong style Chicken Favorites

Hong Kong Fisherman, home of traditional Cantonese cuisine overseen by Hong Kong chefs, introduces 2 wonderful chicken favorites including Crispy Chicken, deep fried marinated chicken in Chinese five-spice blend powder with a little bit of ginger, and Chicken Soya Sauce, chef’s selective chicken cooked with soy sauce and served with sour dipping sauce. You can choose to enjoy the whole chicken or just a half of it with prices starting from 350 – 700 baht. These delicious Hong Kong-style chickens are available from today until May 31, 2018 at Hong Kong Fisherman, located at the lobby of Hall 8, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Muang Thong Thani. Reserve your table at 02-833-5434-5 and check out the latest updates at www.hkfisherman.com and Facebook: HongKongFisherman.

The melt-in-the-mouth experience of premium Black Wagyu beef is waiting for you at Ito-Kacho

This beef-driven restaurant, Ito-Kacho, has been a big hit for meat eaters since opening back in 2013, serving luxurious Japanese wagyu beef and other types of beefs. Ito-Kacho now offers special promotions of 4 assortments comprising “Mutsu” set, the best cut of black wagyu beef, served with complimentary Hokkaido king crab, “Take” set, a combination of U.S wagyu and Japanese wagyu that comes with a free sashimi moriawase, “Ome” set, an assortments of beef and pork with free botan ebi, and “Buta” set with complimentary salmon sashimi, crafted for non-beef eaters. Come visit us at the 1st floor of Nihonmurah Mall, Thonglor 13 Tel: 02-185-3338 or 064-184-7108. Visit Facebook and Instagram: Itokacho Thailand.

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