IMPACT’s restaurant team is inimitable when it comes to food and catering services that are guaranteed by various international awards along with prestigious chefs’ competitions at the local and national level.

Being one of the large and most modern exhibition and convention centers in Thailand makes IMPACT a preferred destination for most local and international exhibitors and visitors. At IMPACT, we provide our customers with versatile facilities and services to make sure they get all they need to meet all kinds of event requirements especially catering and food services. We have well-trained and award-winning chef team who are eager to deliver the best catering service of all kinds to customers. Our team of highly-experienced professional chefs come with culinary talents and passion in creating the wonderful food creations for customers. We also provide full support for chefs’competition in many of local and international competitions such as Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge, Thailand’s International Culinary Cup (TICC) and Thailand Chocolate Contest, just to name a few. We have a strong emphasis on the promotion of culinary excellence of our chefs.The dedication they have put into their work along with the improvement of individuals can guarantee what IMPACT Catering has offered to customers.

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