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Agent Rewards Program

Make every of your event count!

Receive 3% cash back on every incentive event held at IMPACT. Plus honor milestone bonus every year.

Welcome to IMPACT’s exclusive rewards program for Travel Agents. Enjoy double benefits. The more incentive everts you bring, the greater the chance to access to the ultimate honorary recognition and monetary rewards.

1. Tiered rewards for EACH incentive event

Receive 3% cash back for the first 1,000,000 baht spent at IMPACT AND an additional 1% cash back for any amount spent after 1,000,000 baht.

Your Event Revenue ( Before VAT) Receive Cash Back
1-1,000,000 baht 3 %
1,000,000 baht onwards 1 %


2. Milestone Bonus

Receive a second wave of 1% cash back for any agents who hold 10 or more incentive events in one year

Total Number of Event per year Receive Additional Cash back
1-9 Events 0 %
10 Events or more 1 %


Terms and Conditions:

1. Travel Agents are not eligible for IMPACT Corporate Rewards
2. All revenue calculation are exclusive of VAT
3. Cash back process will start after event payment completion
4. Cash back will be given to agents 14 days after complete document submission to F/A department
5. Any events held after 17th May 2019 will be eligible for agent rewards program
6. The program is applicable to Thailand based, inbound, registered agents only.

For more information:

02-833-5240 | marketinginfo@impact.co.th