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IMPACT Muang Thong Thani offers 100,000-square-meter Challenger halls to Ministry of Public Health with two-month free rent.

Published : 2021-05-07

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, shares his concerns over a new wave of the virus outbreak that not only affects every walk of life and the nation as a whole but also exacerbates shortages of hospital beds and intends to give support to the government and covid-19 patients.  

A new field hospital at IMPACT Challenger boasting upwards of 100,000 square meters of recreational space and capable of accommodating approximately 5,200 patients will help Ministry of Public Health cope with overflow patients and provide urgent care for COVID-19 patients from May 1-June 30, 2021 with a two-month free rent, making the Challenger halls be the largest field hospital in Thailand. The column-free Challenger halls 1-2 will serve up to 4,000 patients with mild symptoms (yellow zones) while the Challenger hall 3 outfitted with breathing apparatuses can provide nearly 1,200 beds for patients who have no COVID-19 symptoms or only mild symptoms.

With a discussion with Ministry of Public Health, we have well maintained all equipment including HVAC systems, wastewater treatment, fast, reliable internet connections, and CCTV systems, cleaned, and sanitized exhibit space of Challenger halls 1-3 to ensure that we can deliver a safe and healthy environment prior to its first day of operation, set for May 1, 2021.  ​

The 60,000 square-meter, column-free Challenger halls have been the host destination of Thailand’s mega events. Back in 2011 when the nation was in a devastating situation, Mr. Anant Kanjanapas, former chairman, allowed people who were affected by the flood to park their vehicles inside the Challenger halls, thus being able to save nearly 100,000 cars from flood damage. Now it’s our turn to lend a helping hand to those who need it most. Mr. Peter Kanjanapas, chairman, and I are willing to give support to the country and every walk of life.  

Through our support, we hope that we can, more or less, contribute to the country, society, community, and all walks of life. We would like to give our sincerest thanks to all of those on the frontline, and we are deeply grateful for the sacrifices you make, every day and especially during this pandemic.