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Event Calendar
Money Expo 2021
Date : 13 May 2021 - 16 May 2021
Time : 10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue : Challenger 2-3
Type : Exhibition Public

Money Expo 2021

MONEY EXPO 2021 is the largest financial and investment exhibition in Thailand that has been held for twenty-one consecutive years since 2001. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Money & Banking Magazine, the creator and organizer of MONEY EXPO, hence there are greater deals & promotions to look forward to.

At MONEY EXPO 2021, all banks and financial institutes are gathered in one place to offer the best financial and investment deals for visitors, including low loan rates for home loan, car loan, SMEs loan, and high deposit interest rate. Visitors can also benefit from other financial services such as insurance, life insurance, and health insurance, as well as investment options, such as stocks, derivatives, gold, and cryptocurrency, and wealth management, either finding investing consultant or looking for wealth management services. MONEY EXPO values Financial Literacy, thus free seminars on financial and investment planning are available at the event every day.

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