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Event Calendar
Date : 07 July 2022 - 10 July 2022
Time : 10:00-20:00 hrs.
Venue : Hall 7-8
Type : Exhibition Public


SMART SME EXPO 2022 is an event that PMG Corporation has organized under cooperation with various agencies. This event is the biggest and most comprehensive event of the year by gathering all relevant agencies who support SMEs, e.g. government agencies, private organization, entrepreneurs who have business opportunities or franchises, financial institutions who would like to provide loans to support SMEs, customers or people who is looking for business opportunities, funding or knowledge for business improvement. The event will be held over area 10,000 square meters under the concept of "The Best Businesses of the Year" by channel of #the way to be rich #one place to find the way to rich, it will be divided with 7 business zones as follows:
1. Investment Business Zone
2. Financial Institutions and Supporting Agencies Zone
3. Beauty and Health Business Zone
4. Innovation and Technology Zone
5. Food and Beverage Zone
6. Seminar and Workshop Zone
7. Domestic and International Business Zone

Special with franchise business booths over a full area of 10,000 square meters, combined with Virtual Expo, which is a virtual booth that allows you to actually shop franchises through the online platform with no limit. You can visit the event anytime, anywhere that is suite to the lifestyle of the people nowadays. Plus, those who are interested can also watch seminars, workshops and various activities in HD live with interactive online, exclusive only for those who pre-register via the website. In additions, there are 2 ways of business negotiation for business matching between domestic and international business; one way is Face to Face at the event and another way is online via video conference. This is very convenient that you can have business discussion from anywhere.

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