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IMPACT is committed to fulfilling our obligations to society and supporting social and environmental developments in Thailand.

We do our part for society by “touching people’s life” and “connecting” with the less fortunate through our series of social programme, that incorporates all of our corporate social responsibility efforts and fund raising activities, such as children charities, volunteer work, public services in educational, environmental and healthcare fields to benefit needy people.

The fulfillment of our social responsibilities comes from all level of our staff, from senior management to workers. It is our token way of giving back to society and the environment.

The MICE industry generates a fair amount of waste and materials that are unfriendly to the environment, e.g. booth constructions, signage, carpets, paper, transportations. As a venue, we are committed to educate our customers to adopt green and environmental friendly solutions for their events at our venue and to do our best to preserve the environment.

Examples of our CSR Activities