Bangkok International Auto Salon 2012, First Time in Thailand!
Boosting Economic Growth with the 49th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

The Bangkok International Auto Salon 2012 was a resounding success. The show, held in June at the Challenger 3 hall, showcased revolutionary custom cars and after-market products. It was organized by Siam Sport Syndicate Public Co,. Ltd. with Inspire Entertainment Co,. Ltd. and received much interest and support from the public and private sectors, such as the Ministry of Tourism & Sports, Ministry of Industry, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, and the Thailand Automotive Institute.


  BIFF & BIL 2012, Generates over 700 Million Baht
BOI Fair 2011, A Resounding Success

The Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Fair is hosted every year, providing outstanding business opportunities for manufacturers, importers and buyers, as well as promoting Thailand as the ASEAN fashion hub. With the promising future of the country’s fashion textile and leather industry, the Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce continues to support the growth of this significant sector. In the first quarter only of 2012, it generated over 6.8 billion dollars in exports.


  Are You Ready for the 1st Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012
IMPACT Proving its Catering Potential by Hosting the Biggest Indoor Chinese Banquet in Thailand
Another international convention, the Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012, is being held in Thailand for the first time. IMPACT is proud to be the only venue selected to host this major event.


  Upgrades to IMPACT’s Security System
IMPACT Proving its Catering Potential by Hosting the Biggest Indoor Chinese Banquet in Thailand

IMPACT continues our commitment to international safety standards by building on TIS 22300 certification, awarded in 2009, with a series of upgrades and improvements. We allocated Bt7million to install new security cameras, indoor/outdoor lighting zones, and establish a new security control center. The enhancements in security provide continued confidence and safety for our trade partners, exhibitors, and visitors attending all events at our venue.


IMPACT Adds More Functional Meeting Rooms

สะพานทางเดินเชื่อมระหว่างอาคารศูนย์ประชุมและลานริมทะเลสาบ สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกใหม่ ของ อิมแพ็ค เมืองทองธานี


IMPACT is strategically focusing on small-scale meetings and events that are now in high demand. With a wide range of venues and value-added services, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing market.


More Fun from the Latest Version of IMPACT Event Calendar App!
IMPACT and Its Successful Implementation of ISO 50001  

After successfully launching the “IMPACT Event Calendar” app with over 40,000 installations in the first quarter, IMPACT Event Calendar application offers more fun for users to enjoy.




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In 2009, we were certified with the TIS 22300 MICE Security Management System certification. This means that our security and safety management operation is in accordance with the standards specified in this certification, and our clients will have a peace of mind on the security and safety aspects of their events at our venue.
Event calendar 2011
Jul 7-15, 2012 Thailand Best Shopping Fair 2012
Jul. 12-15, 2012 Thailand Engineering Expo 2012
Jul 14, 2012 LiFT&OiL Happy Party Concert
Jul. 18-22, 2012 Discount Overload
Jul. 20-29, 2012 The 4th Bangkok Used Car and Imported Car Show 2012
Jul. 25-Aug. 2, 2012 6th The Born of Family Love Project
Jul. 26-29, 2012 Thailand Health & Wellness 2012
Jul. 27-28, 2012 Asanee - Wasan 26th Anniversary Concert
Jul. 28, 2012 Infinite fun with “INFINITE” The 1st Fan Meeting in Thailand 2012
Jul. 29, 2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Bangkok
Aug. 2-4, 2012 Roi-Jai Roi-malai 2012
Aug. 3-6, 2012 Local Educational Fair 2012
Aug. 3-6, 2012 Bangkok International ICT Expo 2012 "Smart Thailand towards AEC"
Aug. 4-12, 2012 Thailand's Grand Sale์
Aug. 15-19, 2012 Made in Thailand 2012 (MIT)
Aug. 18, 2012 Heineken presents Sensation : The Ocean of White
Aug. 23-26, 2012 2012 China ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair (CACF)
Aug. 25-26, 2012 Mai Maimuan : 25th Anniversary Concert
Aug. 29-31, 2012 International Sugar Rice Maize & Agriculture Expo Asia 2012
Sep. 1-9, 2012 Bangkok Furniture Fair 2012
Sep. 1-9, 2012 Bangkok Wedding Fair 2012
Sep. 1-9, 2012 Fashion & Jewelry Fair 2012
Sep. 5-9, 2012 9th National Herb Expo 2012
Sep. 13-16, 2012 Makro HoReCa 2012
Sep. 13-17, 2012 50th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2012
Sep. 14-16, 2012 Guangdong Products Show 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 World Spa & Well-Being Convention 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 Pool&SpaTech Asia 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 INSTALL/ PALME Thailand 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 Building Maintenance & Asset Management Expo Asia 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 Green Building & Retrofits Expo Asia 2012
Sep. 19-21, 2012 Thailand International Construction Machinery, Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2012
Sep. 22-30, 2012 Thailand Open 2012
Sep. 27-30, 2012 SME Thailand Expo 2012
Oct. 3-5, 2012 Power-Gen Asia 2012
Oct. 6-14, 2012 Furniture Fashion Food Festival 2012
Oct. 19-21, 2012 Thailand Food and Drink Expo 2012
Oct. 25-28, 2012 Kids of The World 2012
Oct. 25-28, 2012 SmartHeart Presents: Pet Variety - Super Amazing
Nov. 1-4, 2012 26th Thai Tiew Thai 2012
Nov. 3-11, 2012 Baan Lae Suan Fair 2012
Nov. 3-11, 2012 Health Cuisine and Beauty Festival 2012
Nov. 8-11, 2012 Hotel Equipment Expo 2012
Nov. 16-23, 2012 TCC Expo 2012 "The Best of Siam"
Nov. 16-25, 2012 Homepro Expo 2012
Nov. 29-Dec. 10, 2012 The 29th Thailand International Motor Expo 2012

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