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It has been a pleasurable excitement to observe the rapid transition of the MICE industry in recent years, and one of the most prominent trends across the MICE industry is clearly the desire for the implementation of sustainability. Exhibition and convention venues around the world largely invest in the sophistication and innovations of the green practice to accelerate the technology enhancements. Many organizations are taking bold steps to forge their internal collaboration to promote the green policy; it is just for one reason, "Save the World"
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Thailand LED Expo 2015 Silpakorn City Campus

IMPACT is a trusted partner

At IMPACT, we pay close attention to the importance of people, which are both our customers and staff. We want our customers to see us as a trusted partner that works closely with them to ensure the success of their events.
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LED Expo 2015

The LED market in Thailand is taking a flying leap across major industries as a means to elevate the overall country’s infrastructure in the eyes of international trade investors who regard Thailand a regional hub of borderless business opportunities.
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Catering service asian

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center‘s sales profit rises 20% in first quarter of 2015

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center moves ahead with a positive 20% increase in sales growth of 283 show events during first quarter of 2015, primarily from 1. meeting and conference, 2. weddings, 3. parties, 4. catering services, and exhibitions and concerts, respectively.
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IMPACT Event Calendar is now more practical and reliable

With the success of the native version of our social application, “IMPACT Event Calendar” to let end users interact with us in a timely manner and get updated with our all-year-round events, concerts, as well as special promotions from our participating business partners right from your mobile phone; It is truly convenient...
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