Amber meeting rooms

Being added are the 3 brand new “Amber Meeting Rooms”, which are housed inside IMPACT Exhibition Center Hall 3-4 (1 room at Hall 3 and 2 rooms at Hall 4). The meeting room at Hall 3 offers nearly 330 sq. meters of usable space, while the other 2 rooms can be converted into a larger space.

It is a perfect destination for seminars and management meetings. The interior design aims to give full energy to the surroundings so that attendees can feel interactive, engaged, and centered throughout a meeting session. Participants will revel in the feeling of being in outer space or a spaceship. Walls are covered in black and white, the perfect color combination, to set a powerful, sophisticated, and elegant tone, while the spaceship ceiling design blends flawlessly with the entire atmosphere, projecting a harmony of creative and unconventional means. The boardroom also features a plasma screen monitor and surround sound system to help enhance presentations.