IMPACT debuts Venus IMPACT Lounge

Entertaining events and concerts leaped forward in 2015, resulting in an increase of 115% of numbers of events year-round and over 82% of sales figures with an approximation of 58 concert events consistently in the past 10 months. During a boom, IMPACT immediately debuted “Venus IMPACT Lounge, a friendly, customizable food and drink menu to proliferate its client base. Customers wishing to purchase a show ticket via Thai Ticket Major can also customize “Venus IMPACT Lounge” menu on their website. This feature became first available for ICE AGE LIVE! A Mammoth Adventure in November 2015.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, has reconfirmed, based on sales reports from January-October 2015 indicating that 58 local and international entertainments and concerts had been held, that the frequency of entertaining events in 2015 was up by 115% being able to generate 82% more in profits and better than the previous year, 2014, shown only 27 events throughout the year.

We are hosting so many concerts and shows almost every other week this year. Still IMPACT Arena is the most preferred entertainment venue, followed by the Thunder Dome, and exhibition halls, which currently become the epic choice for concert goers as they can get closer to their artists. Although an ordinary exhibition hall could possibly play host to 5,000 pax, give or take, show organizers are able to double or triple show times to serve more clients. Outdoor entertainment space also plays an important role in organizing a large-scale concert of over 50,000 people, and IMPACT Lakeside has done a countless number of innovative outdoor events.

We roll out Venus IMPACT Lounge to provide audiences with a place where they can rest and feel relaxed with foods and a great massage while waiting for the show, and it is the perfect waiting room for parents bringing children to watch the show. The lounge was first open its door for ICE AGE LIVE! A Mammoth Adventure during November 12-15, 2016. Customers can pre order menu via Thai Ticket Major’s webpage during a ticket purchase, so by the time they arrive at the Lounge, their food order will be ready to serve. No need to go through the order placement again. For those who have not pre-ordered, we have an a la carte menu available for you. This menu set offers at 350 THB with 5 different choices of menu to choose from. For more information, please visit