The Portal LifeStyle Complex has just made an official debut

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. breaks ground on its 600-million BHT expansion of “The Portal LifeStyle Complex,” a brand new 4-story building with a purposeful space of more than 8,000 square meters nestled in the heart of the exhibition center and houses the Portal ballroom manifesting the design of the movement of undercurrent at 1,150 square meters to accommodate upticks in visitation and convention attendance. The new complex is outfitted with a link bridge easing travel time of visitors coming from IMPACT Arena and Challenger; all facilities are now fully interconnected via sky bridges resulting in less travel time and more convenience.

The 1st floor offers international eateries and retail stores such as After You, Burger King, The Pizza, Watsons, and Thai Ticket Major, whereas the 2nd floor brims with Japanese, Thai and international bistros including ISAN@Arena, Tsubohachi Express and Hong Kong Suki. On the 3rd level, you will find Food Arena serving a wide array of grab-and-go and quick meals along with sweets and beverages, and the top floor houses “The Portal Ballroom,” a 1,150 square meter multi-purpose space accentuated with modern chandelier, top of the line lighting fixtures, and geometric walls. 
The room has the scale and versatility to accommodate any meeting room layouts including theater style: 1,200, classroom: 672, and banquet: 600.  
The height of the stage can be adjusted into 3 levels: 60 cm, 80 cm, and 100 cm, respectively to meet all functions such as wedding ceremony, product launch, press conference, corporate events and many more. Upon the completion, we will be able to offer guests more meeting spaces comprising the 3,500-square-meter Royal Jubilee ballroom, the 2,000-square-meter Grand Diamond ballroom, and the brand new Portal ballroom at 1,150 square meters.   
The building comes equipped with 3 passenger elevators, 2 escalators and 70 parking spaces and open daily from 10.00 am.-8.00 pm. on 1st and 2nd level and from 10:00 am.-6:00 pm. on the 3rd level.