Asian Utility Week goes bolder than ever

The last edition received tremendous positive feedback from industry prospects, playing host to clients and influential leaders from Asia and across the globe. Some 2,300+ attendees from 46 countries along with 200 speakers and 70+ exhibitors congregated in Bangkok to initiate business transactions, share best practices, and exchange visions for energy industry development.

With endless advantages and business opportunities, this 2017 edition of one of the largest professional networking and educational events in Asia will be a meaningful milestone for the future of the Utility industry that you cannot find elsewhere. Visitors will gain unrivaled benefits of attending including the ability to meet with more than 2,500 utility industry professionals, policy makers, regulators and investors yearning for new technological breakthroughs and solutions to help better their day-to-day operations in a more efficient fashion, the ability to make use of bolder content, the ability to customize your own programs that work for your business, and plenty more.

This 2-day exhibition brims with tons of perks that visitors can benefit from participating, gain valuable, insightful information from industry key players, and partake in sessions instructed by well-versed experts in the area of Innovation Zone (R&D discussions), Technical Zone (Vendor showcases), Initiate Startup (Smart Energy Startups), and Focus Groups on key industry issues. Attendees will get the most out of discussion on latest innovations and solutions known to be effective tools to enhancing business.

We strongly urge you to take advantage of this free-of-charge expo as it packs incredible resources that can advance your business, plus you get to network with more than 3,000 professionals, industry peers, and utility specialists on site. Bear in mind, this is the only digital utility expo held for the first time in Asia.