Editor Talk

This issue of our E-Newsletter gives readers a full listing of what’s happening at our venue at the moment and the following month including the achievement of our excellent customer satisfaction, leisure activities as well as attractions we are diversifying ourselves into, and the highlighted event we, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, take pride in being the sole organizer of the show: Medical Devices ASEAN 2018.

On July 11-13, 2018, it will be the launch of our new show called Medical Device ASEAN 2018, which will display an abundance of cutting edge lab products, equipment, devices, and services and will be the central hub for medical experts, clinicians, and industry-related professional to converge.

We are not new in the game, but in fact we have served the business event industry for nearly 2 decades, enticing 10 million visitors locally and globally and hosting upwards of 800 events every year. This idea of transforming into an integrated MICE city will improve the convenience of our visitors, particularly those travelling aboard and planning to spend a few nights to do business here. We want to create a place where travelers can work, stay, and relish activities on the premises without the need to make a trip to the city for sightseeing or attractions. That’s why we opened IMPACT Speed Park to accommodate visitors and travelers alike. Its sister business, IMPACT Drift Park, where racers need to focus on finding the right balance to make a drift rather than making best lap times, is now open to accommodate drift enthusiasts. We have created Bangkok’s most exciting new leisure destination – the first time ever such a sophisticated electronic system has been developed to perfect electric kart drifting!

Every business realizes the essence of customer satisfaction as it is such a vital tool to determine an organization’s success or failure. With a 98 percent satisfaction rate, our Catering Service team is thankful for excellent feedback from customers who are very satisfied with our service, hospitality, and professionalism that make their event a success.

Not everywhere you go will be accessible, but that’s not the case here. We strive to create a friendly atmosphere in which every walk of life is welcome including people with disabilities; that’s why our facilities are outfitted with all the necessary equipment to serve handicapped people.

Fully upgraded with numerous features, IMPACT Application is now able to remind you of your favourite events in advance so that you will not miss any action, plus you can share events among friends and family in your social media circle.