We are a disability-friendly venue

Our venue strives to create a friendly atmosphere in which every walk of life is welcome including people with disabilities, and we believe this accessibility standard that we offer to our visitors and guests with limited mobility gives us a clear advantage that sets us apart from the competition. We value and appreciate every visit and believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of physical abilities, so they, their families, caregivers, and friends can enjoy equal access to entertainment, recreation, and leisure.

Our human resources department has well corresponded with the company’s disability employment policies, which in fact support the equality of employment. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd employs 20 disabled individuals by law annually and offers them the same benefits as regular employees do.

Not only are we willing to hire people with disabilities, but we take this to heart to make sure that every meeting, conference, and event is accessible, and this is why our infrastructures are built based on disability standards with the focus on making accessibility a vital consideration to ensure they will not miss on the full experience.

  • Designated handicapped parking close to the entrance is available in all exhibition halls.  
  • All accessible restrooms in the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center and Challenger 1-3 are fully accessible with large toilet stalls, grab bars, and accessible height sinks. They are conveniently located in all areas.
  • Automatic entry & exit doors are located throughout the venue.
  • Signage for elevators and bathrooms are visible throughout the facility.
  • Accessible ramps and wide walkways for wheelchair access are located throughout the venue.