IMPACT catering service receives excellent customer service satisfaction

IMPACT Catering Service, which has been serving countless clients for nearly 2 decades and stands strong as the backbone of our company to support other MICE-related events comprising seminars, meetings, weddings, conferences, celebrations, board meetings, team buildings, exhibitions and such with the capability of hosting a meeting as small as 20 or as large as 20,000 pax, employs talented and attentive service staff who will ensure your event goes flawlessly.

From the end of 2017 up until now, IMPACT Catering has hosted 164 events, resulting in 20% increase in occupancies compared with the same period last year.

We take pride in positive feedback, rated by customers who had experienced and touched by our hospitable service staff as shown in our customer satisfaction indicator, which has reached 93% and helps improve our customer loyalty.

IMPACT Catering Service offers upwards of 6,000 customizable menus, created by skillful chefs who have been trained regularly to uphold the Food Safety Management standard (ISO22000,) such as signature menu, Thai buffet, Western dishes, Thai desserts, herbal drinks, and healthy bakery. Our chefs are always on the lookout for global food trends to sharpen their culinary skills.

Since food selfie becomes a thing of the present, our chefs are capable of crafting menus that not only taste good but also speak for themselves by applying impressive displays onto it. Recently created, our “Live Station” features a Thai food station with live cooking demonstrations on site showcasing ingredients and secret recipes that exhilarate your taste buds.

We are upholding our environmental standards by avoiding the usage of table clothes and chair covers unless specified by customers. If we can reduce using table clothes, that means we can save water as well.