Our application packs with new features

Since its first debut in 2012, “IMPACT Event Calendar” application, featuring a completed event list of today’s and upcoming events as well as promotions of restaurants and retail stores that can be shared with friends via mobile and tablet devices both iOS and Android system, makes every visit a blast.

With our objectives to help and provide seamless services to customers, now we have more than 269,877 total users, comprising 189,003 iOS and 80,874 Android users.

IMPACT has recently debuted latest features of the application, aiming to accommodate fast-paced lifestyle of nowadays users. New features highlight Direction to Halls (This feature can lead customers to their destination: exhibitions, meetings, concerts, and restaurants,) Traffic Report, which gives you the best route for your trip as well as around the clock traffic-related service (02-833-5450,) Find Available Parking Spot, suggesting both indoor and outdoor parking spaces, parking fee, and availability, and Transportation, enabling customers to find nearby public transportation such as shuttle bus, taxi cab, public van, public bus, mini bus, and motorcycle.

Users can also share event details with friends and colleagues on Facebook page, LINE, and Twitter. In the detail page, users can find map of event, event details, ticket fee, if any, date and time, and organizer information.

Newly equipped include “Add Event to my Calendar,” giving you a piece of mind as it can remind you of event prior to the show date and “Share with Friends,” which allows you to share details among friends in your social media circle.

“IMPACT Event Calendar” is free to download on your devices and supports iOS and Android systems. Let our event calendar guide you around.