IMPACT Catering caters to every need

IMPACT Catering reveals marketing strategies including the provision of one-stop service for all catering needs and events of all types and sizes, as well as revision of food and beverage menus in order to leave a lasting impression on its customers and their guests and to achieve 20% increase in food and beverage revenue year-on-year.

Mr. Lawrence Tan, Director of Food & Beverage, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., said “The overall food and beverage business has grown by 15-17% so far this fiscal year. We have provided outside catering to 200 events, generating 20 million baht in revenue, and delivered catering service to 900 events held at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center including parties, weddings, meetings, seminars, incentive events, etc., generating revenue of 450 million baht, which made the total combined catering revenues of 470 million baht. We offer one-stop service solutions that help our clients save costs and we pay close attention to every single detail. Furthermore, we source raw materials from local organic farms and use environmentally friendly packaging to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We are also looking for ways to improve and expand our business in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to enhance our potential of becoming the business leader. Our personnel’s capacity, the strength of our products and good relationships with partners and suppliers help take our service to the next level and enable us to exceed customers’ expectations. Major client groups that contribute to the growth of food and beverage business include government agencies, private organizations and leading companies.

IMPACT started off food and beverage business by providing coffee break service for meetings and seminars. The company has further extended catering service offerings to corporate parties, receptions, luncheons, parties, weddings, and other special activities, coupled with meal box service and self-operated restaurants at the center to provide clients with as many options as possible. After receiving positive feedback from clients, the company has started to offer outside catering service. IMPACT’s food and beverage business include catering services inside and outside the center provided by IMPACT Catering, meal box service, 24 self-operated restaurants offering Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food, frozen bakery products, and healthy coffee break.”

Chef Ng Wai Meng, aka Chef Roy, IMPACT’s Executive Chef of Kitchen, added “IMPACT has a team of experienced, skilled chefs who have won multiple awards from culinary competitions at both national and international levels. Together they use their exceptional culinary skills, extensive experience and creativity to create more than 3,200 menu items, ranging from Thai, Chinese, Western, Indian to Halal food, as well as a wide variety of bakery products and beverages to meet every need and lifestyle of our clients. Our chef team also strictly comply with the food safety management standards or ISO 22000 to ensure the highest level of customers’ confidence in our service.”