Editor Talk

Recently Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, the operator of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, has given the green light on an investment of 115 million baht for the construction of 2 sky bridges to provide top-tier customer services. Open just in time for major trade and consumer events, the 250-meter long sky bridge connects visitors and guests from ibis Bangkok IMPACT along with IMPACT Sports Club to exhibition hall 8, and the 200-meter covered walkway offers easy and direct access for shoppers and visitors from Cosmo Bazaar Outlet to exhibition halls.

An uptick in visitation and confirmed bookings for events indicate a good sign of business prosperity, from new potential customers as well as existing customers. We try to keep customers happy because happy customers are loyal customers. Amway, SCG, and Thai Life Insurance, for example, are our long-term clients who bring a large turnout to their annual meetings held at our exhibition center. We also value feedback and comments from customers as a means of improving customer service experience and are grateful for testimonials given by their corporate executives, which keep us inspired and committed to providing success to every event.

In alignment with the highest international standards, IMPACT is the proud owner of ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Certification, ISO 22000 Food-Safety Management Standard Certification, and TIS 22300 MICE Security Management System Certification. We operate our business in line with these standards to uphold our reputation, reliability, and credibility that most customers and organizers alike will first consider before making a commitment to curate a show as our venue entices more than 10 million visitors from all over the world and hosts approximately 800 events per year.

Beginning this fall, we will start renaming most of our exhibition facilities including IMPACT Forum, which will be called “IMPACT Forum Hall 4,” and “IMPACT Exhibition Center Hall 5-12,” a new name for IMPACT Exhibition Center Hall 1-8.