TIS 22300 enhances visitor safety at events

Safety and security are important considerations for Thailand’s exhibition industry. Security risks may involve natural disasters, infectious diseases, or man-made disasters such as terrorism, theft, fire, etc. It is a normal practice in Thailand for organizers to put in place adequate safety and security measures and deploy emergency medical response during their events.

Our exhibition venue pays high attention to preparedness training, not only to the security staff but also to collaborative partners because when we have an event, everyone too shares the same risk. We collaborate with the event industry, schools, businesses, and the public to put forth an effective protocol for tackling insecurity situations.

Our Operations Department has generated a program that helps roll out the training to employees. e.g., ticket takers, security guards, parking attendants, to name a few, to foster safety consciousness and equip them with safety skills. A police station is situated in the venue. We also encourage staff and visitors to report any suspicious activity to our 24-hour hotline: 5678.

We pride ourselves on being the first exhibition and convention center in Asia to be certified with the TIS 22300 MICE Security Management System certification, and for us, the acquisition of TIS 22300 certification is a meaningful milestone to align our business with other renowned exhibition venues as well as manifest our capabilities of hosting any MICE events of all sizes. We entice upwards of 10 million visitors across the globe and stage roughly 1,000 events each year; thus, visitor’s safety has become one of our priority concerns to ensure that every visit at our venue is totally hassle-free, and all visitors are well protected against unforeseen incidents.

IMPACT invests over 7 million baht to upgrade security systems by installing light fixtures as well as adding 512 more CCTV cameras and CCTV control room at the venue for maximum security. This recognition will significantly help project a positive brand image of our venue in the international market.