More sky bridges mean more convenience

As the business events industry continues to thrive rapidly, myriad exhibition centers across the globe recognize the growing needs of facility upgrades, renovations, and expansion to accommodate a bevy of mega events and trade shows, and we are no exception. Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, the investor of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, has invested 115 Million Baht in a bid to add more pedestrian bridges across the venue for seamless convenience.

After months of construction, the 250-meter long sky bridge from ibis Bangkok IMPACT to exhibition halls is finally open to serve hotel guests and visitors as well as another newly-built 200 meter pedestrian bridge connecting Cosmo Bazaar Outlet to indoor and outdoor parking lots to accommodate evolving MICE businesses and exhibitions including KCON 2018 Thailand, Jeunesse Expo 2018, Miss Universe 2018, Baan Lae Suan, Motor Expo, OTop City, and several more in the pipeline.

The prospects for the MICE Industry are looking very bright, and we regard this as a prominent opportunity to play our active, supporting role in the business events industry. Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, the parent company of IMPACT, sets aside a budget of 115 Million Baht for the construction of the sky bridge to connect the ibis Bangkok IMPACT to the exhibition halls, and another 110 Million Baht that has already gone to the construction of a walkway connecting exhibition halls to Cosmo Bazaar, Outlet Square, and the new car parking facility. The sky bridge and pedestrian walkway are now fully operational.

This infrastructure development project will augment overall convenience to accommodate new events including KCON 2018 Thailand, Jeunesse Expo 2018, and Miss Universe 2018 that will lure a massive turnout, plus some newly acquired events from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center next year: Baby and Kids Best Buy (BBB) and Thai National Book Fair.

This also comprises of past regular events specifically, Thailand Digital Big Bang, “Baan Lae Suan, Motor Expo, OTop City, local & International Concerts and Theatrical performances. This means that IMPACT will welcome and accommodate upwards of 10 million visitors per year. With the addition of the new sky bridge to all the buildings, it will provide convenience and safety while avoiding heavy traffic for the IMPACT hotel guests walking to the event venues.