Bangkok Land gives the green light to infrastructure investment of Cosmo Bazaar

IMPACT Muang Thong Thani is primed to be a destination for business events as well as leisure attractions. With that aim in mind, the golden city has invested in infrastructure developments to bring an unparalleled experience to visitors, making it one of the most-vibrate cities in Asia.

Because progress is all around us, the new visible 10-story connected complex with more than 102,460 square meters of retail space dubbed “Cosmo Bazaar,” taking on futuristic, modern decors that give a feeling of freedom along with flexibility via the use of free form design and bright gray color, brims with abundant retail stores such as IT accessories, fashions and clothes, Starbucks, S&P, KFC, MK, Yayoi, Santa Fe, Chester’s Grill, Café Amazon, Ichiban Ramen, Castella Taiwan, Minigood, Cheesy Toast, Mister Donut, and a whole lot more.

Slated to be a favorite recreation destination for millions of visitors, IMPACT makes a standout from other venues through entertainment of various types such as “Hero City Game Center,” “SF Cinema,” “Max Value” (largest store in Thailand with more than 3,000 square meters,) and “Jets 24 Hour Fitness” outfitted with 2,500 parking lots.

The newly renovated Cosmo Bazaar will be a new hangout locale for business travelers, guests, concert goers, and local residents, boosting foot traffic and generating business in the community.