IMPACT is home to professional commercial filming

The moment you walk into an exhibition center whether for business, networking opportunities, exhibitions, or pleasure, you will be first greeted by the compelling design. In fact, myriad venues across the globe are putting a huge investment on facility upgrades to impress visitors.

A contemporary, forward-looking design from 2 decades ago still shines brightly here. Our 5 major complexes, IMPACT Arena, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Challenger, IMPACT Forum, and The Portal Lifestyle Complex, teaming up with surrounding streets and commercial buildings accented with an industrial look have become prime real estate for ample film productions and photo shoots.

Not only regarded as a flexible, recreational venue, but IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center brims with well-designed architectural structures that have been frequently used for advertisings, new product launches, music videos and movies, and T.V. shows. To name a few, IMPACT Forum, Challenger, Outlet Square, and IMPACT Speed Park, the first electric gokarting facility in Thailand, are one of the most filmed locations in Bangkok.

With upwards of 140,000 square meters of recreational space, we can offer production companies abundant location shoots, interiors and exteriors, as well as other multi-purpose facilities and entertainment complexes we manage.

Perfect for wedding ceremonies, intimate gatherings, cocktail parties, themed corporate events, trade shows, sports and entertainment events, as well as concerts, IMPACT Lakefront, our own man-made lake with the glorious natural beauty, can make things hum here.

Let’s us show you how we can take your advertising business to the next advancement.