General Manager of IMPACT Exhibition Center shares viewpoints on the MICE industry

Thailand’s MICE industry outlook is expected to remain robust. Thailand is an attractive and preferred MICE destination for many corporations across the Asia Pacific region. Despite the projection of slower economy growth for some South East Asian economies due to slow down in China demand, the MICE industry will continue to play an important role in contributing to the Thai economy and job creations.

2019 is likely to see a slowdown in Chinese MICE arrivals to Thailand due lower economic growth projections. On the other hand, India is becoming a potential market for Thailand as Indian MICE arrivals continue to grow. The South East Asia region remains a key market for Thailand.

The MICE industry, however, generates a lot of wastes that put pressures on the environment. As such, calls for greater awareness and actions in reducing carbon footprints in the MICE industry continue to be a key focus for all MICE stakeholders. Being a large venue, one of our biggest operating costs is energy. To reduce energy consumption, we have installed LED lighting technology in all our buildings and have been studying the feasibility of adopting sustainable solar technology to further reduce our carbon footprints.

There will be a growing trend for the MICE industry to embrace the digital economy in order to stay relevant and meet the growing digital needs and rapid changing expectations of customers. For that reason, we have recently upgraded our venue mobile app that allows our users to access real time information on traffic conditions, availability of car parks, Google directions to our halls, promotions, and events taking place at our venue. This is part of our efforts in enhancing visitor experience to our venue that also include the installations of more LED information displays around our venue.