K-Fire & Safety Expo Bangkok 2019

K-Fire & Safety Expo Bangkok 2019 is primed to be the most comprehensive exhibition of fire and safety solutions including the latest technological advances and the latest innovations in vehicle fire, protection, safety product, fire hose, fire extinguisher, fire clothes, and fire detectors from upwards of 30 companies, coming directly from Korea.

 Set for June 27-29, 2019 and coincided with BMAM Expo, this dedicated fire prevention expo will attract countless professionals from private fire service, enforcement agencies, utilities, architects, engineers, contractors, building managers, and the public to interact with experts, discover solutions, develop specs for a current project, grow professional contacts, evaluate the latest products over three days, and stay updated on technological advances in our field.   

Providing a platform to ensure professionals in the field gain access to the highest fire safety standards, the K-Fire & Safety Expo 2019 will encompass more than 100 booths on the show floor with a bevy of fire-safety innovations and target not only new faces but also anyone who has an interest in improving life safety and business protection.