IMPACT’s culinary team brings 5 star restaurant experience to venue

When we look at the old perception, people tended to believe that meals served at a convention center, usually in the form of an onsite catering service, were typically not good; dining in an actual restaurant would be the best option, but that’s not the case here at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.

According to Lawrence Tan, Director of Food & Beverage, “IMPACT’s catering service business has reached an impressive revenue of 551.89 million baht in 2018. Outside catering service alone generated 22.71 million baht in revenue whereas 63.66 million baht came from meal-box service. Other food-related business including weddings, seminars, incentives, and other celebratory events, a total of 714, pulled in another 465.52 million baht in revenue. In addition, most of our meeting space has been booked towards the end of the year, which is a great sign of a healthy business.”

One of the key components that helps drive growth has to do with our talented assets– chefs who cook good foods. “Our culinary team has been lauded with a slew of internationally recognized awards and has created upwards of 3,200 dishes including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Western, Islamic, baked goods, and snacks. IMPACT firmly adheres with the food safety management system standard dubbed “ISO 22000” to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction,” added Executive Chef of Kitchen, Ng Wai Meng.

We bring a five-star restaurant experience to our convention center by ensuring every meal box and every order receives the same amount of attention to fulfill the highest standards. Not only do we focus on food, but we also care for our patrons, and that care starts with suppliers. Our chicken and eggs are raised and grown on “Sirin” farm, a well-known certified organic farm in Chiang Rai whose overall operations follow eco-friendly farming methods, and, of course, their chicken contains no fillers or added steroids or hormones. To make the world greener, all of our restaurants refrain from using plastic material to minimize our plastic footprint. Plastic bags will soon be gone and replaced by paper bags.