EDUCA 2019 brings mindfulness to the show floor

EDUCA 2019, an annual platform for government officials, school management, teachers, and all level educators, will be held this year at IMPACT Forum Hall 4 from October 16-18, 2019 to emphasize the essence of Thai teachers whom are billed as a giver, a leader, and a change agent of the nation.

Titled “The Power of Learning Community,” the event not only pins down works and researches of educators cross various sectors, creates a networking platform for sharing new ideas and experiences as to enhance education standards, and promotes teaching capabilities through activities and exhibitions, and quality teaching, but it also aims to solidify the Thai learning community.

EDUCA brings in international experts and skillful teachers to share their knowledge and experience with their Thai colleagues and is slated to lure 50,000+ delegates and members of the public across Thailand and its neighboring countries.

Participant will gain access to the following:

  1. International Conference
  2. ) Special Seminars
  3. ) Principal Forum
  4. ) Workshops and Seminars
  5. ) Book Project – a life-long learning model
  6. ) Educational media, technology, and service showcase and exhibition