Editor Talk

During the pandemic, the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center has been challenged to uphold the high standards of its facility with limited resources and limited staff. With the best helps from our leaders and employees, we manage to get through those tough times. Today, we are pivoting toward a new normal where we reengineer our cleaning and maintenance protocols to welcome guests and employees back to a safe and clean facility.

Paul Kanjanapas, managing director, has given the green light to purchase UV disinfection robots in the fight against the virus outbreak.

Using the mobile Germ Saber UVC Sterilizer, developed by the NSTDA in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, to sanitize exhibition halls, meeting rooms, and common areas enables the venue to foster onsite practices that provide safety and comfort for visitors and employees.

Last year, IMPACT brought The Coffee Academics to the Thai coffee community as well as coffee drinkers who expect nothing but the best coffee experience. Debuting for the first time in Bangkok with a total of 3 store locations citywide, The Coffee Academics is pleased to announce the opening of its new coffee store at CentralWorld to diversify customer base, essentially tourists, office workers, and drinkers of every level of expertise. The store can seat 40 guests and features grab and go menu.

With the easing of restrictions, people are allowed to wonder around the country again after a long pause. We create a budget friendly package “Discover Muang Thong in 24 hours” to stimulate economic growth, while letting customers to explore Muangthong Thani more. All accommodations are included in the 3,000 baht package including one night stay at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, dinner at Breeze Café and Bar, go kart races, and a cruise along the Muang Thong Thani’s lake.

We’ve upgraded our technology platforms to streamline customer experience via the use of hybrid events that combine both in-person and virtual elements, slated to become a significant part of the future. This technology capability will allow us to reach new audiences and open the doors to major event growth. Such system can accommodate 100-3,000 participants at the same time. Besides the technological facilities, e.g. cameras and other meeting equipment, we have technician on-staff throughout your event who can provide assistance with technical issues.