IMPACT embraces hybrid events to accommodate event space

Hybrid events offer a pivotal opportunity for venues to entice a new audience across the globe who may have not ever visited in the first place and show them the unique offerings your venue features. In reality, our venue may not be able to get the entire audience in person every time; thus, offering a hybrid event will be an ideal approach for keeping the audience engaged and involved.

With more than 1,500 team members and staff operating our 140,000-square-meter facility and welcoming upward of 10 million visitors to more than 800 MICE events annually, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center strives to be a premier year-round leisure and meeting and exhibition destination in Asia, and to uphold our corporate commitment to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction, we invest heavily in the technology capabilities and infrastructures. Following the government policy of crowd density control of 4 meters per person, the number of meeting participants will inevitably decrease.

However with the deployment of the hybrid events, venue operators will be able to reach new audiences and open the doors to major event growth. Such system can accommodate 100-3,000 participants at the same time. Besides the technological facilities, e.g. cameras and other meeting equipment, we have technician on-staff throughout your event who can provide assistance with technical issues.