IMPACT Exhibition Center deploys UV disinfection robots to ensure strict cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

Since coronavirus vaccine doesn’t come close to possibility, at least not until 2021, we need to take care of ourselves for now and be more selective in choosing destinations to visit until the vaccine becomes available. A wide spectrum of public spaces, including shopping malls, office and government buildings, hospitals, universities, and exhibition venues, buy UVD (ultraviolet-light-disinfection) robots in hope that the robots will do the trick. UVD robots are designed to safeguard people against virus and sanitize contaminated surfaces. In addition to stick cleaning protocols, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center deploys two newly acquired robots to disinfect exhibition halls and common areas.

Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director at IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, announced the full reopening of IMPACT after the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) allowed Phase 4 of reopening for the MICE industry. However, the safety and preventive measures still need to be followed strictly as the nature of this business group includes large gatherings. Social distancing and customer density control must be practiced along with good sanitation and hygiene to ensure public safety.

Using the mobile Germ Saber UVC Sterilizer, developed by the NSTDA in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, to sanitize exhibition halls, meeting rooms, and common areas enables the venue to foster onsite practices that provide safety and comfort for visitors and employees.

Besides, we also use touchless elevator control panel or MagikTuch, another invention that is developed by NSTDA, to avoid cross-infection and thus reinforce safety measures. These innovations truly highlight IMPACT’s concept of smartness on top of safety for our customers.