The Coffee Academics (TCA) opens a new store at Central World to diversify customer base

Our 3rd coffee store in Bangkok is slated to open August 1st, 2020 at Central World. Each of our stores has its own uniqueness and appeals to a particular crowd. Food menu varies from location to location. However, customers can expect to get a favorite, delicious coffee and espresso from any of our three stores with the same consistent quality.

The Central World store will be offering specialty drinks such as TCA’s most renowned specialty coffee as well as other delicious choices e.g., “Dirty,” double espresso slowly poured over cold milk and “Flat White,” silky smooth textured milk added to double espresso along with 12 single origin beans that we pride ourselves in supporting the global coffee community through direct and fair trade programs.

With the new store opening in Central World, The Coffee Academics will be able to diversify its customer base including office workers in the Ratchaprasong district, tourists who know where to get a killer deal for goodies in Bangkok, and millennial along with urban customers. With massive collection of luxury retail and dining options, Central World, centrally-located in Bangkok, is near many top-tier corporate offices, making it an ideal shopping paradise for international tourists and locals alike.

Menu items focus on a quick grab and go, convenience-focused meals, freshly made salads, and Hong Kong style bakery. Our 20-seat coffee store is compact yet practical for patrons who want to sit down, sip coffee, and get things done.

Our Langsuan location is our first and largest store in Bangkok that brims with minimum furnishings, accentuated with green plants and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of light to shine in. It offers full table service for food, alcohol beverages, and specialty coffee.

Recently, we opened our second shop in Gaysorn Village where beckons with luxury and high-end brands from around the world. Local wealthy shoppers and office workers are our regulars. The store can accommodate 50 seated guests.