IMPACT Arena finally swings its doors wide open for concerts after 7 month halt

Paul Kanjanapas, Managing director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, gives the go ahead to concerts to allow audience to enjoy live entertainments again. Thai Life Insurance Presents “THE GENTLEMEN LIVE” is the first concert to kick off this year on Saturday, October 31-Sunday, November 1, 2020. Since the start of the outbreak, major festivals, sports, and entertainment events throughout Thailand are nixed over virus concerns despite a shelter-in-place order. Another local concert by Thai Life Insurance this month includes Thai Life Insurance Presents Fantopia. For 2021, Marathon Concert Fest, Feb 13-14, 2021, and Green Day Live in Bangkok, Mar 21, 2021, will stage at IMPACT Arena.

The COVID-19 pandemic slams the breaks on the global economy, enormously ruining all the industries and businesses. We shut down for the coronavirus pandemic from March to June 2020. During that time, major events have been cancelled and/or rescheduled to curb the coronavirus spread. In July, the number of new bookings along with postponed events started to pick up again after The Department of Disease Control relaxed measures and have continued to rise gradually since then. However, large social gatherings in the public including concerts, sport events, and festivals were prohibited.

During the shutdown, we weren’t completely stopping our operations but forged ahead toward a new future that we had predicted we would stay with it for the years ahead. In compliance with The Department of Disease Control, we adhered to the government’s guidelines and implemented comprehensive safety measures. Additionally, we came up with “IMPACT WE CARE” program where we centered on the safety of visitors along with staff members.

Using the mobile Germ Saber UVC Sterilizer to sanitize the IMPACT Arena enables us to foster onsite practices that provide safety and comfort for visitors and employees. Social distancing and customer density along with good sanitation and hygiene to ensure public safety are our common initiative in preparation for when business resumes. Seats are spaced out to keep physical distance between audience members or family groups thus lowering our maximum seating capacity from 14,000 to merely 6,800 per show.

We ask that visitors stay safely distanced, check in and check out via Thai Chana application, keep a face mask at all times, and rub hands with hand sanitizers.

Welcome Back, Everyone!