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Taisho-Tei Ramen


Taisho-Tei Ramen branched out to the new dining location for IMPACT visitors to savor the taste of home style ramen originally from Japan. Stop by IMPACT Sky Kitchen (IMPACT Challenger 3) to experience rich and flavorful ramen soup broth from three regions in Japan including Tonkatsu soup broth from Kyushu, Miso soup broth from Hokkaido and Shoyu soup broth from Kanto as well as Thai twist Tom Yum soup broth from Thailand. Chefs are dedicated to bringing customers the freshest ingredients and culinary products straight from Japan at moderate prices especially when you are in a rush for a meal during the day. The menu highlights include Tonkotsu Ramen, Miso Taishotei, Shoyu Taishotei, Tori Paitan Ramen, Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen, Tonkotsu 99 Ramen with meltingly tender Chashu pork from chefs. Other snack menu items such as Spicy Chicken Karaage, Takoyaki and many more a la carte menus.

Opening hours: Daily from 09:00-20:00 hrs. / 10:00-20:00 hrs.
(Upon the event schedule in IMPACT Challenger)