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Sustainable at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center plays a potent part in conducting business in a responsible manner to mitigate the environmental impacts at various stages

Sustainability has long been the cornerstone of the culture at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center. Our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and services remains steadfast, and we continue to seek ways to reduce our footprint and promote social responsibility in our community and industry.  

Operating costs for energy, in general, tend to be the biggest concern for venue operators. To reduce energy consumption, the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center has installed LED lighting technology in all of its buildings. We study the feasibility of adopting sustainable solar technology to further reduce our carbon footprints.

To promote sustainability practices, we encourage customers to be a part of the effort by organizing their events sustainably, discourage the use of plastic straws and table and chair covers at meetings and at a group service point, set the air conditioner’s temperature at 25 degrees Celsius to make it environmentally friendly, separate waste in separate bins, opt for reusable trash cans, and use environmentally friendly paper bags, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid. We provide drinking fountains near meeting and conference rooms to which attendees have easy access to reduce plastic water bottles. In addition, we use eco-friendly materials to serve customers instead of Styrofoam boxes. Flower rooms no longer use flower storage containers. Artificial plants and flowers have been used in lieu of fresh ones to help reduce waste. Waste is separated for recycling. We turn fruits and vegetable waste from food production into fertilizer for trees and partner with several nonprofits and local organizations to donate leftover conference materials. To reduce plastic use in food and beverage service, IMPACT uses bio-degradable garbage bags, straws, spoons and forks even though the company must cover 2.5% extra costs from approximate 12 million baht per year.

Plant-based menus are on the rise and should go beyond just a buzz word, so anytime we can promote sustainability awareness we do. Our F&B team always offers plant-based dishes to customers, most of their ingredients are cultivated from IMPACT FARM, our own organic community where is founded to support local farmers nationwide as well as promote healthy eating through the consumption of organic products.

While carbon-dioxide emissions are by far one of the largest contributors to global climate change, road vehicles account for the largest part. IMPACT joins forces with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to achieve carbon neutral society. The collaboration propels the company’s sustainability initiatives forward and foster the company’s long-term commitment: to embrace sustainability, engage with the community, support economic growth, and promote sustainable business practices.

We believe that long-term sustainability is of immense importance that will enable any company to achieve even greater sustainable success in the future. Last but not least, we urge all venue operators to partake in sustainable practice regardless of where you may be in your sustainability journey.