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IMPACT serves as the preferred destination with best-in-class amenities for physical and virtual events

The IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center boasts more than 55 innovated meeting rooms with various sizes of purposeful spaces that can cater to events of all sizes and styles outfitted with state-of-the-art sound system, lighting, projector, and contemporary furnishings. We have hosted many of the world’s major events, conventions, concerts, and tradeshows, averaged more than 800 events, and attracted more than 10 million visitors year round.

Whether it’s for an intimate gathering, corporate function, business meeting, conference, awards ceremony, reception, or any celebratory events, our integrated facilities coupled with impeccable hospitality and attentive staff will add an extra touch to your event.

Sitting on the same premises are a 380-room Novetel Bangkok IMPACT and a 587-room ibis Bangkok IMPACT to accommodate delegates, exhibitors, organizers and business travelers alike.

While more and more in-person events are going live again, virtual events are also as important as physical events and are growing in popularity due to their convenience, simplicity, focus, and practicality, allowing audiences from all over the world to meet, engage, and build relationships virtually without traveling far from home. We have what it takes to maximize productivity, profitability, and creditability for your business and ensure a seamless virtual experience. Our webinar solutions are flexible and results-driven, offering everything you need to market, host, stream, and analyze an event in one platform. Our Live Webinar Packages are designed for clients who like to host an online meeting of 50 to 500 audiences and come with 2 options.

Package Zoom Online (12,000 baht) and Package Zoom Webinar Online (15,000 baht)

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