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IMPACT Catering streamlines marketing efforts and expands new business collaboration

Published : 2022-09-14

All industries around the world including the business events industry pivoted in the age of the pandemic. Companies of all sizes learned to adapt and evolve. Fast forward to today, we mark 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already witnessed and continue to undergo exponential change. An uptick in demand for small meetings and catering has become more transparent than ever. Multiple industry experts have agreed that small events are here to stay, and such changes convince us to overhaul our marketing strategy to stay competitive in the market while offering the same value-added service to our clients. The new catering package, starting at 9,900 baht, is anticipated to attract government officials, private organizations and companies, and the general public.

IMPACT Catering IMPACT Catering

Loy Joon How, general manager of the IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd - the operator of IMPACT Catering - that is specialized in corporate catering, weddings, and social catering unveiled that since the Thai government relaxed COVID-19 restrictions in July 2022, major events and catering are increasing by leaps and bounds and see the acceleration of change, especially in catering. Customers prefer to host a small private event at home, in the office, or at a private party venue with a limited number of guests they trust to be in their pod.

“We focus on trends in catering in our post-pandemic world. Office workers still want to celebrate and have more fun and more parties this year since social gatherings were prohibited in the last 2 years, and for all other events including house blessing ceremonies, religious ceremonies, corporate parties, and weddings, our catering team observed that rather than hosting a large event, customers opt for a smaller, intimate event. From a management perspective, we can always compromise on price and size but never on food safety, from preparation to presentation. It continues to be our top priority,” said Loy.

IMPACT Catering IMPACT Catering

Everyone knows that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the dining experience. We have to be adaptive to change by partnering with industry peers such as Thai Airways to provide catering services to their passengers, reinvigorate our marketing strategy, and captivate new customers. We continue to look for more business partners, offer government organization our “Food Court Management,” and vary our products and packages to appeal to a boarder audience.

IMPACT Catering IMPACT Catering

Government and private organizations like the idea of a turnkey project where a service provider is obligated to provide services for the cost as agreed in the contract. The flexibility of our customized package enable us to accommodate a wide array of clients from government agency to private organizations to top-tier name brands, and our IMPACT outside catering team is honor to have the opportunity to provide food to multiple exclusive events. The company has also made a debut of a new catering package, starting at 9,900 baht, which includes monk supplies, tables and chairs, flower decorations, invitation to monks, and food and targets customers who need help with hosting a religious event from start to finish. Most of the customers who used IMPACT outside catering service are very pleased. The company hopes to generate maximum exposure and new revenue streams by expanding its new service to existing and new customers.

IMPACT Catering IMPACT Catering

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd with more than 30 years of F&B experience operates 19 F&B brands featuring various types of cuisines namely Thai, Chinese, Western, and Japanese in addition to The Coffee Academics, a renowned specialty coffee brand from Hong Kong, and IMPACT FARM, specializing farm fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. Chefs innovate new recipes, create seasonal specials, and use high-quality ingredients to create a wonderful menu that is sure to impress every guest and fits any budget.

“A growing number of customers using IMPACT outside catering service for their events is slated to increase. We expect revenues by end of 2022 equivalent to 75%of those generated over the same period in 2019,” concluded Loy