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IMPACT launches IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package to reduce negative environmental impacts and embrace sustainable development goals

Published : 2022-10-20

IMPACT Exhibition Management Company Limited is moving our business in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines in every dimension: social, economic, and environmental, through various projects. As sustainability becomes a key trend for events, we are the first operator to launch the IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package, which covers all types of events, from meetings and exhibitions to concerts, with the hope of promoting sustainable events in Thailand.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Chief Executive Officer, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., and IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, said that the global community has made an agreement to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for the development of the world in 3 dimensions: social, economic and environmental, with 17 goals such as no poverty, zero hunger, and decent work and economic growth. As an exhibition and convention center operator, IMPACT recognizes the importance and impact thereof. We would like to take part in gearing toward sustainable development by building core value within the organization under these 3 dimensions through various upcoming projects as follows: 1. Social – We ensure fair employment and human resource management, respect for differences and equal opportunities, local community involvement, such as the Kla Mice internship project, and the Stand for Stray project to help take care of stray dogs in Muang Thong Thani.

2. Economic – We promote work effectiveness, transparent and reasonable procurement, and innovation, such as the IMPACT Farm project, which serves as a middleman to purchase organic vegetables and fruits from local farmers to sell or use them as the main ingredients to prepare meals at IMPACT-owned restaurants, to provide sustainable income for local farmers.

3. Environmental – We reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and use water and energy effectively. To that end, many projects have already been undertaken since June 2022, such as the Solar Roof Project starting at our 3 buildings: IMPACT Challenger, IMPACT Forum, and Indoor Parking 3, the Energy Reduction Project to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, the Waste Sorting Project, and Food Waste Transformation Program using food waste composters to remove liquid from food waste and turn it into compost for trees, which started in 2021.

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of crises due to both natural disasters and emerging infectious diseases, causing all operators in the MICE industry, including venue owners, event organizers, government agencies, and private sectors around the world, to pay more attention to sustainable events, which is currently a popular trend in Thailand. IMPACT, as a leader in the MICE business, does not focus only on making profits or expanding businesses, but also on taking social, economic, and environmental responsibility, to promote sustainable events in Thailand’s MICE industry.

In response to the recent trend, we are launching IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package as an alternative for organizers of conferences, events, and concerts who are looking to lower any negative impacts on the environment, such as reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use.

The IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package will allow agencies and organizations to arrange sustainable events in any format that caters to their needs. IMPACT will support sustainable events in 3 aspects:

1) We provide venue and equipment for organizing sustainable events, such as promoting the sustainability policy to those involved, arranging sustainable meeting rooms, refraining from using table and chair covers at meetings, setting up a group service point, refraining from using plastic straws in all activities, setting the air conditioner’s temperature at 25 degrees Celsius to make it environmentally friendly, separating the waste into recyclable waste, wet waste, and general waste, opting for reusable trash cans, using environmentally friendly paper bags, and selecting environmentally friendly products like hand soap and dishwashing soap.

2) Customers can select eco-friendly menus to help reduce global warming by opting for vegetarian or plant-based protein foods, and 3) IMPACT will donate excess food from the events to various foundations as a way to contribute to society.

IMPACT is the first exhibition and convention center in Thailand that has established guidelines for organizing all types of sustainable events, including trade shows, concerts, meetings, and parties, to reduce both direct and indirect impacts from the events while growing our business.