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Human Resources Department of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd harnesses the power of young talent while reinvigorating employee performance management

Published : 2022-12-26

According to director of human resources department Thamita Chongswatvorakul, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center has experienced a major upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few years. Organizations by and large have to rethink and revamp their HR operating models to stay resilient during these crisis moments. Most industries, especially the tourism and business events industries that mostly involve physical events, take a hard hit because of a labor shortage.

“When the first round of the COVID-19 pandemic slammed the world, companies allowed their employees to work from home than at the physical office to abate the spread of the coronavirus. Remote work was on the rise in 2019. Working from home became the preferred method to shift teams to an online-only environment and keep business operational since no one knew how long the pandemic would last. The ongoing global outbreak forced business owners to cut losts, and layoffs were inevitable to save the business. The company somehow adapted to digital transformation and leveraged technology as a means to subside the labor shortage; however, human capital is still at the core of our business: exhibitions, conventions, meetings, concerts, and catering service. The human resources department thus uses various trainings comprising teamwork, language, leadership, and emotional intelligence combined with new technology-driven innovations as tools to enhance employee performance. We will soon merge departments to improve the employee experience,” said Thamita.

IMPACT Next Normal

The world is now facing the great resignation. The coronavirus outbreak caused millions of people to lose their jobs, and those lucky enough to remain employed were the ones who valued their roles and contributed to company success. The labor market in Thailand is slated to be able to survive from the great resignation as the Thai welfare system is still immature. Recruitment teams will soon work harder to hunt for well-versed candidates who have a good work ethic. Highly experienced workers who once worked for a company but decided to quit their job to embark on a new journey may find themselves happier being their own boss thus may never return to a 9-5 job again.

While business events are making a strong comeback, it means more businesses coming underway. Recruiting quality candidates to fill in open positions needs to be done immediately to respond to an uptick in visitation. The human resources department has restructured their operating models to offer a diverse set of benefits and focus: 1) hiring workers on a per-project basis and 2) Gig economy, a labor market made up of a freelancer or independent contractor to perform a job for a short term contact.

Initially introduced in 2019, the Human Resources department spearheaded a certificate course aka “Kla MICE,” which means “the new kid on the block” in Thai. The course offered the unique opportunity for students to connect with and learn from industry leaders from inside and outside the industry as well as gain hands-on experience from multiple departments where they took part in numerous projects supervised by senior executives and managers. We will welcome the fourth batch of college students November 22 – December 16, 2022.

IMPACT Next Normal IMPACT Next Normal

Successful corporations always incorporate sustainability into their business portfolios. The Kla MICE project has been implemented based on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to promote full and productive employment and a positive work culture for all. In lieu of working with IMPACT throughout the duration of their contract, students have an alternative to select a company of their choice. At IMPACT, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity, age, and nationality.

Currently the company has approximately 2,000 employees on staff. To provide an exceptional guest experience, all levels of employees are also required to sign up for training courses regularly to sharpen skills and knowledge. R2i (Routine to Innovation) project organized by the HR department has been created to let employees exhibit creativity and innovation, work as a team, and push the performance envelop. Innovative ideas that have been sold will be further developed.

When employees work across departments, they might be able to unlock full potential, and ideas become no limit. Furthermore, employees will gain a better view of the organization’s work while fostering relations with new colleagues. Part-time jobs are available for employees to land extra income, which can also resolve an understaffing issue.

“Take care of your people, and they will take care of your business,” this quote fits our company’s missions. IMPACT pays attention to employee wellbeing and thus offers a competitive employee benefits package.