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IMPACT cuts electric consumption to save13 million baht

Published : 2012-09-22

MICE operations at IMPACT have reducedenergy use for the second year in a row. The exhibition management company said it has managed to save over 10 million baht in electric expenses during the first half of this year. By continuing this trend the company will be able to save more than its initial target of 13 millionbahtand prove its commitment as a GREEN venue.

Miss Kunwadee Jintavorn, Executive Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. said that this is the second year that IMPACT successfully implemented the ISO50001 or Energy Management Systems by the Management System Certification Institute (Thailand). This progress has resulted in sustainable and good practices for the environment as well as economic benefitsthrough cost savings.

Since adopting the ISO50001 standard, energy consumption at IMPACT Challenger (60,000 sq.m.), IMPACT Exhibition Centre (47,000 sq.m) and IMPACT Arena (4,000 sq.m.) has been reduced substantially. During the first six months of this year, approximately10 million baht was saved. In June the average electric use in these buildings stood at 1.5 kwh/sq.m or a 0.22 kwh/sq.m lower than the same period last year.By continuing to implement energy saving policies, IMPACTwill surpass its year-end target of saving 13 million baht in electricityuse. Last year, the company managed to save 8 million baht.

Ms Kunwadee said that the company has been emphasizing policy and tangible measures to ensure that all activities concerning MICE operations use electricity and other energy efficiently. “This action is to prove our commitment to our partners who include both domestic and international organizers who are concerned about energy consumption and the environment.”

One of the successful measures includesreducing the working hours of air-chiller machines. Currently, IMPACT operates 12 chillers to control the temperature within its mainhalls. These machinesare usually switched on three hours in advance for each event each day. They are now reduced to two-hours in advance for the second and following show-days. In addition, IMPACT has replaced traditional incandescent bulbs with over 500 energy-saving light bulbs and installed electric meters in order to monitor the electric use within its exhibition halls.

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center is the country’s first and only MICE venue which is ISO50001certified. The venue adopted the standard last year and continues to be audited by MASCI ona yearly basis. The recent audit result in July shows that IMPACT has maintained its operations according to theISO5001 standard.