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IMPACT launches green meeting package with the aim of reducing carbon footprint

Published : 2023-09-29

IMPACT launches green meeting package with the aim of reducing carbon footprint


IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd has made sustainability a priority for many years to help save the planet. It all starts from the inside out. The company incorporates sustainability into its business operations, which include the installation of LED lightings in all of our buildings, a venue mobile application upgrade to enhance customer experience, the use of eco-friendly materials to serve customers instead of Styrofoam boxes, and food waste segregation to name a few. The launch of the green meeting package, implemented by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, is our bolder steps towards sustainability while promoting and encouraging customers to be a part of the efforts by integrating sustainable practices into their events.

Paul Kanjanapas, chief executive officer of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., says this year we see a full 100% recovery that matches 3,000 million baht we managed to achieve in 2019, of which is composed of 2,000 million baht from meetings and concerts and 1,000 million baht from food and beverage. The number of bookings now reaches 200, and exhibition halls are full every week. In the first half of 2023, 421 events were successfully organized while more than 200 events are waiting to be held from September through December 2023. Entertainment and concerts are the star of the show this year as local and international concerts take place every week along with celebratory events. The spike in demand for in-person events is moving up at a rapid pace. People are elated about meeting others in person and socially reconnect with old connections. Demand for physical events remains high and continues to grow. Physical events are not only back, but they’re thriving.

IMPACT has been pushing the sustainability envelope for decades and promoting green meetings and events to minimize negative impacts. In October 2022, the company introduced its “IMPACT Sustainable Meeting,” which was designed to help ensure that the company can achieve its sustainable development goals and encourage like-minded organizers, exhibitors, and customers who are willing to hold their events sustainably, garnered positive feedback from organizers and exhibitors, and reduced approximately 663 kg of carbon dioxide.

Taking bolder steps to solidify IMPACT as a leader in sustainability, the newly introduced Green Meeting Package provides a structure mechanism to leverage key industry resources dedicated to sustainability. Exhibitions, concerts, and meetings, and conferences can go green by:

1)discouraging the use of tablecloth, chair covers, straws, and plastic bottled water at meetings and at a group service point and using green air conditioners for all exhibition halls.

2)separating waste in separate bins, opting for reusable trash cans, and using environmentally friendly paper bags, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid. Offering plant-based protein menu options and donating excess food from the events to various foundations as a way to contribute to society.

3)writing a carbon footprint report and keeping track of a process from set up to tear down, which includes energy, water, and gas consumption as well as food waste. The numbers in the carbon footprint report are calculated based on the guidelines formulated by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization.

Although the business events industry, including meetings, exhibitions, conventions, concerts and entertainment, and celebratory events, is undoubtedly an important piece of the economic puzzle, it generates significant emissions and outputs wasteful materials; that’s why, we strongly urge exhibitors and customers to organize events in a socially responsible way to make the world greener.

“The green meeting package has been designed to mitigate climate change that requires urgent attention. We hope that customers are willing to be a part of our sustainability efforts and will pay more attention to considering hosting events sustainably. Customers traveling by car will soon be able to take the Pink Line monorail spanning 3 kilometers making 2 stops in Muang Thong Thani: 1)Challenger hall1 and 2)IMPACT LAKESIDE station, which will be fully operational in 2025. Free shuttle service from Sri Rat station to Muang Thong Thani is provided while waiting for the construction to be completed,” Paul concluded.