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Heading into its 25th year, IMPACT is ready to become part of the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Published : 2023-05-09

IMPACT focuses the Digital Transformation in its 25th year by gearing the organization toward stable and sustainable growth, creating value covering all aspects of the economy, society, and environment, and following the Thailand Sustainable Event Management Standard (TSEMS) with good corporate governance. In terms of our energy security policy, we are delighted that in 2022 we conserved energy by 7%, which exceeded our target. In addition, conforming to Thailand's BCG policy, we saved electricity costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited and Managing Director at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani talked about the overall operation in the fiscal year 2023 (April 2023 - March 2024). As IMPACT is heading into its 25th year, we focus on new working methods called “Digital Transformation,” which utilizes technology as the core of all business operations. This includes connecting all departments for seamless working processes, communication, and real-time data. In addition, the goal is to establish a sustainable development policy for the business organization and create total value covering all aspects of the economy, society, and environment.

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Our business operation is based on good corporate governance, cooperation with all sectors to promote sustainable development, energy security support, reduction of environmental impact in all aspects, responding to customer needs while protecting personal data, creative growth through eco-innovation, and respect for diversity by ensuring equality of rights without discrimination and human rights protection. In addition, it is still necessary to expand the organization’s capabilities and maintain constant business growth by building employee awareness, promoting business cooperation with partners, and focusing on potential development for partners to achieve mutual success.

As a MICE business operator, IMPACT places great importance and determination on adhering to the Thailand Sustainable Event Management Standard (TSEMS) by raising employees’ awareness of this standard. There will be employee representatives from every department of the company to join the workgroup who are responsible for proposing sustainable development projects in various aspects in accordance with the policy of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), a public organization that provides training and advice, pay an annual visit to see our projects, and certifies our standards every 3 years.

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To promote the organization toward sustainable development, we have come up with projects relating to society, the economy, and the environment, such as Clean Energy, Waste Separation, Plastic Use Reduction, Wastewater Management within Muang Thong Thani, Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Green Procurement, Zero Waste, IMPACT Farm, Employment Support Project for Community Students, Kla MICE, IMPACT Touching Hearts Sharing Love, Muang Thong Thani’s Dog Community, Muang Thong Thani Community Bike Patrol, and Hotel Sustainable Campaign in IMPACT hotels (Novotel Bangkok IMPACT and ibis Bangkok IMPACT).

“In 2022, each project was carried out according to plan, and the accomplishment summaries were reported to the management team. We are proud of many projects which support the environment and cause positive economic impact, including the Energy Security Policy, Clean Energy Project, and Energy Conservation Project. IMPACT also has solar rooftops, transforming sunlight into electrical energy, which helps save electricity costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The solar panel system is considered a clean and sustainable energy alternative.”

IMPACT had the solar rooftops installed in 3 main areas: the roof of the Challenger Building with a generation capacity of 593.64 kilowatts, the roof of the IMPACT Forum Building with a generation capacity of 316.20 kilowatts, and the roof of the P.3 parking garage with a generation capacity of 153 kilowatts. In 2022, all these 3 buildings had a total electricity generation of 1,137,805 kWh. As for the Energy Conservation Project, IMPACT has instilled values in our employees and partners to be mindful of energy consumption to help reduce the impact of global warming by setting a goal to reduce energy consumption in the exhibition area and making plans to continue this practice.

IMPACT restaurantIMPACT restaurant

In 2022, IMPACT set a target to achieve energy conservation in the exhibition area by 4% (compared to the data in 2020 as it could reflect the energy consumption behavior better than in 2021 when there were sporadic lockdown orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic). IMPACT managed to reduce the energy consumption in the exhibition area by 7.83%, saving 1,811,224 kWh, a cost-cutting of 7,806,376.27 baht (average electricity rate of 4.31 baht per kilowatt-hour). This helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,016,096.77 tons of carbon dioxide (kgCO2e), which is equivalent to the reduction of energy consumption of 5,407 two-story houses in an area of 16 square wa. This accomplishment results from the installation of solar cells, the use of LED light bulbs in various buildings and function rooms, the replacement of air curtains that restrict the outflow of indoor air to maintain the inside temperature, and air conditioning system control (BBP) including adjusting appropriate temperatures for different event venues.

However, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani in October, the Company is ready to continue expanding the business and improving our venues, facilities, and services to reach the full potential using the strategies and long-term goals that will gear our business operations toward sustainable development in society, economy, and environment, known as the TBC Sustainability Goals 2030 or TBC SG 2030 in accordance with the BCG Model (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) to achieve sustainable development and net zero emissions in Thailand.