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Customer's Testimonials
  • Dew Gan - RechargeAsia Corporation, Organizer of RechargExpo Thailand 2013.

    “It is fortunate for RechargeAsia Corp to choose IMPACT as our Partner in Thailand. The IMPACT team efforts and the professional quality made a good impression on us. On behalf of RechargeAsia, we would extend heartfelt thanks to you and your team.”

  • Mr. Ichiro Miyazawa - Programme Specialist in Literacy and Lifelong Learning, UNESCO Bangkok

    “We appreciate all facilities provided by IMPACT especially generous support from all staffs of IMPACT with warm hospitality. The venue, coffee break and PR arrangements are perfect for our event. It would be great if there is more lighting on the stage to increase the visibility of the guests and help the participants to be more focused at the activities on stage. Overall we received many positive comments from the participants that IMPACT was a great choice as the venue was practical and all facilities were great. We will definitely recommend IMPACT to our colleagues in UNESCO Bangkok and networks. Lastly, we would like to thank you IMPACT and the team for your great support! We look forward to organizing our future events in collaboration with IMPACT again.”

  • PennWell Corporation

    “The main reason why we choose IMPACT is because the facilities can combine exhibition and conference in a compact area. Our event was a resounding success, achieving the best attendance for POWER-GEN Asia in its 15 years.” PennWell Corporation

  • Mr. Milo Moore, Freeman Company, USA

    “I’m very impressed by the services here at the venue. Everybody has been very responsive to all of our needs. We have lots of things we needed and to get done. We called and people came right away. Everything from food and communications are ready. Everybody has been very helpful.”  

  • Mr. Hugh, Chief of Sergent at Arm of Rotary International Convention 2012

    “34,000 is a lot of people to manage and inevitably produce the now anticipated “Convention Lines”.  However by working together we managed to maintain a surprising degree of good humour amongst our visitors and efficiently distributed them. IMPACT staff were always present, helpful and good natured, doing everything they could to support us. I really appreciated your help and friendship, please convey my thanks, and those of all the Rotarians, to the IMPACT team.”

  • Thai Life Insurance Co Ltd. 

    “We organise many of our events at IMPACT because the venue is equipped with excellent and modern facilities. IMPACT’s staff truly understands our needs and we are impressed by their personalized services” Thai Life Insurance Co Ltd. 

  • Mitsubishi Motors Thailand 

    “We chose IMPACT because of its hall space and capability to create the image that we wanted. We are very happy with the support from IMPACT’s team. As a result, this event is by far the best event that we ever organized”

  • Wedding Party of Khun Sarit Lorthienchai and Khun Yuwadee Harnprasertsom

    “We will like to thank all Impact staff for making it so perfect for our wedding day on October 23, 2010. We don’t know how many times to say thank you that is enough for your help, kindness and commitment.” Wedding Party of Khun Sarit Lorthienchai and Khun Yuwadee Harnprasertsom  

  • Ms Melaine, Harrow International School  

    “I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic buffet at the Harrow party this evening. Everyone was truly impressed with the amazing setup, the professional staff and the wonderful food. The service you provided contributed to the party being a resounding success. Many people expressed that this was the best Harrow Christmas party so far!”