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IMPACT expands Japanese restaurant portfolio with the launch of “Nippon Yokocho”, bringing together five brands for those who love Izakaya-style dining to enjoy under one roof

In addition to the exhibition and convention center, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani also operates 19 restaurant brands with a total of 29 locations. Recently, the company has launched “Nippon Yokocho” Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant, bringing together five brands under one roof. Located on the 1st floor, Food Atrium, IMPACT Challenger Hall 3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, the restaurant has opened its doors to diners since late last year.

Published : 2024-03-02

The IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center will be home to abundant incentive groups boosting number of bookings.

Spanning 140,000 square meters of recreational space with innovated meeting rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art sound system, lighting, projector, and contemporary furnishings along with exceptional hospitality, upscale accommodations, a variety of amenities and activities, and the opening of the new MRT Pink Line, the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center can cater to all business meeting needs and take any business event to the next advancement.

Published : 2024-02-02

“IMPACT Keep Me” app wins Gold Award from Thailand HR Innovation Award 2023, supercharging labor community in Muang Thong Thani

The job-finding application “IMPACT Keep Me” wins the gold award from Thailand HR Innovation Award 2023 and takes a bold step forward towards a more advanced user experience that will help reinvigorate the company culture and supercharge the economy and labor market in the Muang Thong Thani.

Published : 2023-12-01

Published : 2023-10-27

IMPACT allocates 195 million baht for Sky Entrance linking the metro train system

IMPACT allocates 195 million baht for Sky Entrance linking the metro train system while the extension to Muang Thong Thani is now 30% completed and expected to open by 2025

Published : 2023-10-12

IMPACT launches green meeting package with the aim of reducing carbon footprint

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd has made sustainability a priority for many years to help save the planet. It all starts from the inside out. The company incorporates sustainability into its business operations, which include the installation of LED lightings in all of our buildings, a venue mobile application upgrade to enhance customer experience, the use of eco-friendly materials to serve customers instead of Styrofoam boxes, and food waste segregation to name a few. The launch of the green meeting package, implemented by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, is our bolder steps towards sustainability while promoting and encouraging customers to be a part of the efforts by integrating sustainable practices into their events.

Published : 2023-09-29

Say “I do” and host your perfect wedding at IMPACT starting at 34,900 baht

IMPACT Wedding, run and operated by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, offers a brand new wedding promotion starting at 34,900 baht, for large and small size weddings, with cuisine choices such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Western.

Published : 2023-08-15

IMPACT sets aside 200 million baht for facility development to accommodate customers while 2023 bookings rise by 41%

IMPACT’s bookings in 2023 exceed 1,100 events, a 41-percent rise year-on-year. So far, 749 events were held during the first half of the year. As the COVID-19 crisis subsided, the revenue from rental and service sections was 3.47 billion baht for the 2022/2023 period. Meanwhile, a 200-million-baht budget is set aside for more facilities to accommodate the increasing numbers of domestic and international customers. Additional facilities that are in the works include the Link Bridge Phase 3, which is scheduled to open this July, among others.

Published : 2023-07-21

The IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center debuts Off Peak Promotion – 50% off on any booking

Celebrating strong fourth quarter event bookings with 324 events and concerts, The IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center debuts Off Peak Promotion – 50% off on any booking

Published : 2023-07-10