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Human Resources Department at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center sprinkles KLA MICE program with Muang Thong Thopia MICE Walk Rally

Human Resources Department at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center sprinkles KLA MICE program with Muang Thong Thopia MICE Walk Rally, welcoming high school seniors throughout Thailand to showcase event management ideas

Published : 2023-06-26

Heading into its 25th year, IMPACT is ready to become part of the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

IMPACT focuses the Digital Transformation in its 25th year by gearing the organization toward stable and sustainable growth, creating value covering all aspects of the economy, society, and environment, and following the Thailand Sustainable Event Management Standard (TSEMS) with good corporate governance. In terms of our energy security policy, we are delighted that in 2022 we conserved energy by 7%, which exceeded our target. In addition, conforming to Thailand's BCG policy, we saved electricity costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Published : 2023-05-09

IMPACT restaurant chains streamline strategic plan to reach 3,000 million baht in revenue by 2026

With more than 30 restaurants throughout Bangkok and its metropolitan areas, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, the owner and operator of local and international restaurant brands – Tsubohachi, The Coffee Academics Thailand, Thonglor Thai cuisine, and HEI YIN Chinese restaurant to name a few – has big plans for next year and beyond with the aim of reaching 3,000 million baht in revenue. IMPACT plans to add more units and expand catering and delivery business over the course of 2026.

Published : 2023-04-24

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center hosts VIV Asia 2023 with upwards of 45,000 professionals in animal protein production from Asia and beyond

Held every two years in Thailand, VIV Asia 2023 serves as the crucial gateway to the thriving animal protein market in Asia where key industry players, professionals, manufacturers, researchers, distributors, and suppliers will convene to network, conduct a knowledge exchange and ogle the latest innovations and trends.

Published : 2023-03-10

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd is gearing to bring more prosperous opportunities

In line with the official reopening of China and the satisfactory health of the global business events market heading into 2023, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd accelerates its business momentum and regains strength in the local and international exhibition market that draws 186 events during the first quarter with profits surpassing last year’s numbers in the same quarter.

Published : 2023-03-07

Department of Health joins IMPACT to raise Thai awareness of healthy eating and drinking habits.

The Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, together with IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a healthy menu and beverages with 5% sugar reduction to promote healthy eating and drinking habits among Thais, especially working-age people, and also launch Ease Café by IMPACT, which serves healthy food and beverages under the supervision of DOH Kitchen to changeThai’s consumption behavior toward sustainable health.

Published : 2023-02-10

Human Resources Department of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd harnesses the power of young talent while reinvigorating employee performance management

According to director of human resources department Thamita Chongswatvorakul, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center has experienced a major upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few years. Organizations by and large have to rethink and revamp their HR operating models to stay resilient during these crisis moments. Most industries, especially the tourism and business events industries that mostly involve physical events, take a hard hit because of a labor shortage.

Published : 2022-12-26

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd partners with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to achieve carbon neutral society

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand have founded themselves having the same ambitious goals toward a carbon free society that will create a positive environmental impact while raising public awareness. By installing 13 EV charging stations in the center, IMPACT will be able to enhance customer satisfaction and offer convenient necessity for customers, visitors, and local residents making Nonthaburi the most convenient city for EV charging stations.

Published : 2022-12-09

IMPACT launches IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package to reduce negative environmental impacts and embrace sustainable development goals

IMPACT Exhibition Management Company Limited is moving our business in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines in every dimension: social, economic, and environmental, through various projects. As sustainability becomes a key trend for events, we are the first operator to launch the IMPACT Sustainable Meeting Package, which covers all types of events, from meetings and exhibitions to concerts, with the hope of promoting sustainable events in Thailand.

Published : 2022-10-20